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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It Has Been A Good Day Today

So last night I worked late and then drove over an hour to a hotel room so I could attend a hearing for my guy at 8am this morning.  To say that the hearing went well would be an understatement.  I'm trying not to count my chickens before they hatch so to speak...but I'm excited and happy!!

Afterwards I was so exhausted I returned to my room and took a long nap and then treated myself to dinner at Red Lobster!  I forgot how much I enjoy and need a couple days to myself in a hotel room.  I also forgot how much stuff I actually get done.  I would be much further ahead if I hadn't taken my nap, but I'm still happy.

So tomorrow I'm spending the day with my honey and we will be basking in our good news the entire time and then back to the grind on Friday.

Is it just me or is this summer just flying by?!?

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I Think Of You Often

There are many days where I think of taking the time to sit down and write a blog post and I don't know why I don't just do it.  Maybe I need something dramatic going on in my life or feeling like I'm on the edge of disaster to get me back to this place.  I cannot even say for sure if that is what has lead me back here today.  Regardless, I'm back...

Not much has changed in my life.  Work is still crazy.  My son is still moody.  I'm still fighting the battle of the bulge and am losing.  My man is still where he has been the last several years.  We remain as always hopeful and pray that this year is our year.  We shall see...soon.  We are set to see the board some time next week and it could be weeks before we find out our fate.  I guess at that time we just have to rely on faith.  I don't know what else we could rely on.

In an attempt to treat myself last Friday I left work early and took myself to see "Magic Mike."  It was a good movie.  Better than I anticipated.  Of course I could have used lots more scenes of Channing Tatum stripping, but who couldn't use that!!

At this very moment my house is dead silent...as my son obliterates other gamers on Call of Duty.  Just another Tuesday night in my world.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Happy Frickin' Monday Y'all

Today was day #1 where all of our staff was in the same area, together.  It wound up being a horrible day.  From start to finish.  It started bad when I realized that the munchkin failed to turn in his homework on Friday.  Blah!!

I was running late, which is my MO lately.  I had to get gas, which like cost $650 to fill up.  Not really, but close enough...  I finally got to work, but had to fight with a parking space.  Why can't people park straight?  Is it that difficult?

I spent the morning printing to a printer that has since disappeared since 4pm Friday afternoon.  Who does that?  Who removes a printer that you've just told us all to sign up and print too?!?  I was so angry, because now I have print-outs floating out there in the black-hole of our network of printers.  Aaarrrgggg...  It just felt like everything I did or touched today went to crap.

I spent the afternoon taking the dep of a Plaintiff who was beyond buzzed!  I think he kept falling asleep in between my questions and his answers.  It took everything for me not to bust out laughing.

The day finished up with my nephew being admitted to the hospital for a bad infection (ears) and dehydration.

...Happy Frickin' Monday Y'all...

Sunday, March 4, 2012

This Was Suppose To Start Sooner

So I declared that effective March 1st I was going to really concentrate on getting my shit together.  I restarted tracking my expenses in order to effectively budget my money.  I also need to recommit to being healthier too.  Notice how one of these is 'I've restarted' and the other is 'I need'...  Opps!

The last time I blogged I spoke of the fact that so much of my life was in limbo.  Well, within 24 hours or so 2 of the areas of my life was no longer in the limbo it was at the time I blogged.  The move at work is done for the most part and should be finished as of now.  I've sort of settled my office...just need to get some work done and move a few cabinets, but I have to wait to get to that this coming week, because we all know I'm not moving those cabinets by myself!  Ha!

In other news, I did not get approved high enough for a mortgage to get a house I would be happy with.  I sort of expected this thanks to all of those student loans I'm hauling around on my credit reports.  I could get a house, but not something that is going to make me happy so I've decided to wait.  There was some discussion between my aunt and I about me renting a house, because this place is just too small for the munchkin and I and her moving in here still.  As of yesterday that decision was tabled.  Instead my auntie and I are going to rent a storage unit together so I feel less stuffed into this place and since she is going from a 4 bedroom home to a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment, she will need it too.  And we are going to paint my house to make it feel fresh for me and make it easier to stay here in the coming months as I continue to work on getting my debt further under control (see the tracking of expenses & budgeting discussed earlier!), so I can buy a house in the future...one that I'll be happy with!

We are only early into March and I feel like this is going to be a really good month for me.  So even though I was suppose to be blogging about getting my shit together effective March 1 on March 1 it is better late than never!!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day/Hump Day...Things In Limbo

Apparently I'm catching this month at the very start of it and at the very end.  Fitting for my life right now.

I've got lots going on right now.  I even mentioned to my LSBFF that every area of my life right now is in limbo.  I called about a pre-approval for a mortgage in hope that we can move in to a real house now that my aunt has committed to renting my current place and while I wait to hear (a week as of today) my home life feels like it is in limbo.  We are in the midst of moving our offices at work (my office gets moved at 4:00pm today) making me feel like my work life is in limbo.  And of course with my guy's situation I feel like my love life is in limbo.  Normally I don't feel like my love life is in limbo due to our situation, but I think with everything else up in the air the fact that it is up in the air hits closer to home.

Now add an extra day to the year and to the shortest month of the year and it sort of feels like it is dragging my life of limbo out longer than I need it to be!  I'm sure the fact that in my head leap day should be a holiday or at a minimum a paid day off from work isn't helping the fact that I'm having to get ready and go to work...in the rain!  Lets just hope that that rain doesn't freeze adding time to my commute putting getting to work in limbo.

Maybe the fact that today is leap day on a hump day will help get several areas of my life out of limbo and bring me good luck.  Enjoy your leap day!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

It May Be The Shortest One, But It Always Feels Like The Longest One

The month of February is usually always so gloomy and even though it is the shortest month of the year the usual cold, wet, dreary days seem to make it feel like the longest month of the year!

Today was different though...it was in the high 40's & sunny today!  Shocking I know...

However, my internal clock seems to be set for the dreary, cold, wet days of February, because  this week I've been unable to get out of bed.  Monday the munchkin & I stayed home for the day.  Then Tuesday I shut my alarm off and almost bounced my monthly car insurance withdrawal and again today I overslept again.  Hell, I was in the bed by 9pm last night so I have no clue why I couldn't seem to get my ass out of bed this morning.

I keep hoping some day I will get my shit together, but this month is going to be a serious challenge!  Maybe my girl Legally Fabulous will help motivate me...

Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Screeching Halt

All of my cooking, motivation...everything came to a screeching halt last week.

First the munchkin wound up with strep throat and then late last week I wound up with a little nasty cold.  To say I'm behind the 8-ball now is an understatement.  I was suppose to write a case eval statement today, but that didn't happen.  Instead I took a wonderful 2 hour nap!

Of course I'll "pay" for my weekend all week, but that has not been enough to get me motivated to do anything tonight.  Honestly, I'm just bidding my time to get back in the bed.

How was your weekend?

Monday, January 23, 2012

Cooking Up A Storm

As you well know I am not the domestic type; however, I've had the desire to cook lately so I decided to make some of my favorite winter dishes this week.

So far, I've made a very yummy chili!  I'm not the best chili cooker and would never enter a chili cook-off and I'm very envious of those that can do chili.  I was so hungry for homemade chili though and the munchkin just loves it.  So I ended up putting like 3 recipes for chili together and viola!  Yum, yum, yum!!  I made an entire slow-cooker full and we are down to just a little bit left!  The munchkin always asks for seconds of chili and finally he asked for seconds of my chili!

Tomorrow I'm going to put stuffed green peppers over before I leave for work and then sloppy joes are on the horizon for later in the week!  Since my son will not be into the stuffed green peppers I figure the first night or two he can have the rest of the chili and if push comes to shove I will fix him some hot dogs, which are his favorites!

A few weeks ago I made the best bean soup I've made in a long time!  So I'm not sure what has gotten into me, but I'll ride this for as long as it takes me!

What are you cooking these winter months?

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Productivity Stolen By Strep

I had hoped to get lots accomplished last weekend and this weekend as well, but that hasn't happened for various reasons.  This weekend I had this wonderful plan and was very motivated too....this is usually a recipe for success!

There is one thing that can derail my success and that started Thursday night when I returned from seeing my honey...my munchkin complained that his throat hurt.  He had no fever and no spots in his throat.  After a night of sleep I reexamined the munchkin who was still complaining of a sore throat, but everything remained the same so off to school he went.

After school and after work on Friday we opted to skip karate since the munchkin was still complaining of a sore throat and a general complaint of feeling "like crap." (His words, not mine!)  Plus he was looking a little rougher then he was that morning.  On top of all of that, a snow storm was kicking up too.  So off to the grocery store we went, ran a couple of errands, and instead of arriving at home after 9pm as we would have by going to karate, we arrived home at 7pm with an inch of snow already on the ground.

Luckily I had called Friday night and made a doctor's appointment for Saturday afternoon, because Saturday morning when we were suppose to be running additional errands I was feeding motrin to the munchkin for his fever, which developed over night.  So needless to say our weekend has been filled with lots of medicine (thanks to the diagnosis of strep throat), snow, and not much else.

The good thing, so far, is that my throat feels fine so as long as the munchkin can overcome this and I can remain healthy I'll gladly give up my productivity over my weekend!

Monday, January 16, 2012


In an effort to clean out some of the clutter that I've accumulated over the last 6 years with going to school, taking the bar, etc. I've been going through a very large stack of old magazines that I never had an opportunity to read.

Last night as I was going through some of them I found the following Article written by George Hodak in the April, 2011 ABA Journal:

April 4, 1968:  Martin Luther King Assassinated

On March 28, 1968, Martin Luther King Jr. arrived in Memphis to lead a march in support of 1,300 striking sanitation workers.  But the protest was quickly aborted after several youths broke ranks and smashed storefront windows along Beale Street.  By nightfall, 4,000 National Guardsmen had been called in to enforce a curfew.

The day's events left King embarrassed and dispirited, but he resolved to return and lead a peaceful march, determined to prove that his nonviolent strategy remained viable.  King flew from Atlanta to Memphis on April 3, his flight delayed by a bomb threat.

He was served a temporary restraining order that afternoon; that evening he addressed a rally at Mason Temple.  He spoke with anguished eloquence about the rights being denied the striking workers and, on a wider level, of the need to "develop a kind of dangerous unselfishness."  He also spoke of his own death:  "Like anybody, I would like to lead a long life--longevity has its place.  But I'm not concerned about that now."  At 6 p.m. the following evening, King was felled by a sniper's bullet as he stood on the second-floor balcony of the Lorraine Motel.  He was 39 years old.

Today we take time out of our lives to celebrate the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. and to reflect on Dr. King's movement and his dream, which we still struggle to achieve in 2012.  

I just found it ironic that the night before I would come across this particular magazine with this particular article out of all of the magazines I have in my pile...

Sunday, January 15, 2012

It Is A Party Weekend!

This weekend was scheduled to be quite the party weekend.  Friday night was Chica's birthday party at a local bar & bowling ally.  I was so honored to be invited and put it in my calendar.  Last night was our 1st Quarter Team Party at the Big Guy (a/k/a the boss)'s house.

I had hoped that this weekend would be so eventful, especially since it is a 3 day holiday weekend.  This always leads me to develop some big plans of all the things I'm going to do and accomplish!  This list usually ends up much longer than time allows to accomplish.

But...Thursday night I could barely keep my eyes open while driving home during the start of a little snow storm from seeing my guy.  I'm sure the fact that I had been up since 3:30am had something to do with that.  Combine that continued tiredness and the fact that the snow storm was still going when the munchkin and I arrived home after Karate Friday night I opted out of attending Chica's Bar Birthday Party.  I felt bad, but by Friday night I'm exhausted y'all!!

Our team party was set to start at 3:00pm Saturday afternoon.  Of course I was an hour and a half late.  Opps!  As usual, I did not want to go, but had a great time once I was there and stayed over 2 hours longer than I had planned.  Yes, every time these plans and events come up I'm all like "I'm not doing this; this is the last one; etc." but in the end I am usually glad I have attended.

It may have been the alcohol I consumed at the party, but while it was still snowing (yes, the same little snow storm that had been going since Thursday night!) I saw a Kroger's and decided to do 98% of my grocery shopping at 10:30pm on my way home from the team party!  I do not know whether it was the hauling of the cases of Diet Coke or vegetables, but by the time I had everything hauled in my lower back was killing me...I blame this on the alcohol too.

After the necessaries were put in the refrigerator, I watched a little TV and then hauled myself to bed early this morning just so I could wake up 5 hours later unable to go back to sleep, which seems to be a pattern here of late, but that is a story for another post!

Monday, January 9, 2012

It Has Been A Long, Long Time~~Some Things Change, Some Things Stay The Same

I know it has been a while...a little over 3 months, but I thought I would try to make my way back. I had hoped that I would start blogging again on New Year's Day, but that didn't happen...opps!  A lot has been going on over here in my world.  So many things change and yet so many things remain the same!

There have been lots of changes with my family in the last couple of months...some for the good, some for the not so good.  Such is life...  More on that another day.

Work has gotten crazy.  I now have 370 files.  Yes, you read that correct....370 files.  50 of those are litigation files, 20 of them are what we call "subrogation" files but 7 of those I have filed suit on, and the remaining 30 I'm monitoring other attorneys and their work and serving as the "client".  To say that I am busy is an understatement!!

Being that busy at work has lead to severe stress, which has lead to tears on more than one occasion.  This may or may not have happened a few times in my office without witnesses, once with a witness, and once in my boss's office.  I know this isn't suppose to happen, but what is a girl to do when with less than 6 months into her practice she is given 370 files.  Seriously?!  I know...don't be such a girl.  Whatever!!

I'm trying my best to handle the work stress.  Some days are better than others...

So what's new in your life in the last 3+ months?!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The 10th Month Of The Year~~Welcome?!

Hello October!! I cannot believe it is already the 10th month of this year. It is sort of mind blowing, if you ask me! The summer went by so fast and here we are starting the last quarter of 2011...

I have conflicted feelings welcoming October... It is my birthday month and I love that fact, but I hate the idea of being just days away from that half way point to my 40's. Since I'm eager to get to November 7th when my co-worker returns from her maternity leave so she can take her files back. Of course she came to the office Thursday to wish her retiring secretary well and I announced to our team that upon her return to the office I would be getting knocked up as pay back and to get a full 12 weeks off. LOL But the idea that time is going so fast makes me sad that October is already here.

Regardless, I can't change the calendar and I guess I'll welcome October the best way I can. Which reminds me...I need to go and change our calendars! Opps!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sick Of Feeling So Sick & Tired...

Last night I just couldn't keep my eyes open and I found myself in the bed at 9:00pm. Pathetic really...in the bed at 9pm on a Saturday night. I woke up a little before 6am and just couldn't bring myself to get up, so I slept another 2 hours. It was wonderful, I won't lie.

This afternoon the munchkin went skating and then we did a little more grocery shopping and came home. I finished laundry, but haven't put it away yet. That likely won't happen till tomorrow. I just don't seem to have much energy or desire to get things done lately. I'm not sure what the problem is...am I dehydrated?...have an infection?...just lazy?...stressed?

All I know is that I am not feeling 100%...and that needs to change!